Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, but i'm still in new year mood, hehe. This morning, the management group and the RA of our apartment invited a group of lion dancers. Sis, bro and I went down to watch how "youngsters dressed like cartoon lions shake their heads and butts" (as according to Dad who don't really like lion dances). There were already 40-50 residents crowding near the guard house, most of them being Chinese, some Mid-Easterners and a few Indians. Around 12pm+, the performers arrived. Here are some pics:

A pair of lions!! (Both male. I think.)

Lions dancing into the shade.
(afraid of the scorching sun, too)

Lions bowing down, allowing ppl to molest
(some aunties even touched the whole lion body, they say it's for luck. Cheh)

I was enjoying the lion dance when Ms. Medusa and her camera got in my way.

Lion terhantuk kepala.

Head of Security lit the firecrackers which
punctured my eardrums.(ironically, he is an Indian)

Lions afraid of fire. like duh.

After the performance near the guard house, the lion dance group and the crowd went inside to the club house and later to the RA's office. Me, tired of the stupid heat, went home and watched from the balcony.

At the RA office, they lit some fire crackers again (the Indian guy did it again - -). Some Mid-Easterners kids (Afghans, Iraqis or Iranians, i didn't know/care) playing football nearby ran away like dogs when they heard the noise. Maybe they thought they are being showered with bombs, like back at Afghanistan. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Not funny. Btw, i just finished reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossenini, an author with bright future. Bought it at MPH with the voucher i got from college, so it's free =) About the plot, hmmm, all i can say is that it's quite touching at some points and at the same time it exposes the raw and genuine feelings and thoughts of a person, how a guy will act under jealousy to hurt his best friend (only to find out later, his half-brother), how cruel the Talibans are, and how an Afghan sees the world. Nice book indeed.

Anyway, by around 1pm+, the lions went home to their dens. And i went back to mine.


Going back to college in a few days to start my degree in applied finance. Yesterday, i went to register at lakeside campus with my family. Saw the total fees for 3 years, god, why is it so expensive just to learn something? Got 50% tuition fees waiver only, so it's still expensive. (T T) Nonetheless, i'll apply for World Class Scholarship again and hope i'll get it this time. Hope 3 years will fly by fast and i'll come out and work so that i can pay back Dad his money.

Hope i'll be his best investment.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Resolution de 2010

To see a world in a grain of sand,

And heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm at your hand,

And eternity in an hour.

~William Blake

Saturday, November 14, 2009

End of The World

Today Semester 2 of TBF is over. After finished the stupid Moral paper, i had lunch with 2.1 classmates and headed to MV for the movie 2012 with old classmates. How ironic, just escaped from hell, went to watch the end of world.

While waiting for the bus at Subang Parade bus station...2 guys and a girl in red T-shirts came down from a bus with Cokes in their hands. They walked around the bus station casually and the girl walked near me. Then they started drinking their Coke and did the "brrrrrrr" thing while vibrating their bodies like they were having a convulsion attack ( you know, the ad? I stared at the girl blankly and she got awkward, haha. Then they started to give free Cokes. Coke still taste better than Pepsi.

Reached MV, met with YC, Jun Wen, Jason, Sylvester and couple CK and Hoe Yan. Couple sat together elsewhere while the singles sat in one row.(sad huh?)

2012. Greatest disaster movie of all time. They originally wanted to name the movie "Noah's Ark" but 2012 sounds better(right?). The Mayans predicted that the world's gonna end in 21/12/2012 and it really happened. Earthquakes, volcanoes erruptions, tsunamis...the CGI effects were great. Facing a disaster, or more precisely the End, the true faces of human are revealed : although some were selfish, at the end the humans helped each other to save humanity.

Tibet monk hit by Tsunami
Christ the Redeemer statue down.

St Peter at Vatican City down.

Director Roland Emmerich destroyed famous religious landmarks, except one. The Kaaba. Then you get this from . "2012 creators too afraid to destroy the Kaaba". How narrow minded. Oh comon, it's only a movie. We have people who "approached the director hoping to get their famous landmarks trashed too, like Taiwan's Taipei 101" and these guys somehow managed to interpret it in this way. Lame.= =

The best scene :
The sinking of California. (and also Tsunami in front of Dr. Helmsley's father's face at Genesis)

The best lines :
1)"Engine. Start."
(From the Russian tycoon in a Bentley. i LOVE this part!)

2)The aircraft hit something while taking off.
Co-pilot : "What was that?"
Pilot : "I think we just hit the Eiffel Tower."
(And both laughed bitterly)

The best character :

Zephyr's Movie Review : 4.0 / 5
Overall, this movie is great. Exciting, thrilling throughout the 158 minutes and touching at some points. A lot of metaphors, like the aircraft carrier smashing down on White House, "Africa's now the Roof of the World" and also US seeking refuge in China (just like in the latest economic crisis). The 1.0 point lost is due to some little details that they forgot. Like, after they said "all land communication's gone, the Indian guy still can call Dr. Adrian and say goodbye. (From India to China somemore.)

p/s : to those who think i've spoiled the movie by giving too much details, go to hell. xD

Monday, November 2, 2009

TBS's Smoking Hot !!

Today TBS was burned down to ashes.

Nah, just kiddin'...but there was really a fire. According to the lecturers, it was caused by some blown fuse at lvl 2, 4, 5 and 6. Me and some of the guys were busy harvesting our resources in Tycoons (lolz) and suddenly whole computer lab blackout.

Then the computer department guy walked in and said "Fire, pls get out." in a matter-in-fact tone. I thought, just another fire drill, lets take our own sweet time...then i saw the smoke outside the room.

I took the lift down (yeah, i know we're not suppose to do that, but who cares? Even a lecturer also took it along with us..) Everyone was standing accross the road looking at the building and taking pictures. Idiots. I took some too. Hehe.

The firefighters and some policemen came to control the situation..but this happened

Brainless girls = =

Lazy firemen

Anyway, after few hours, they finally opened the building and let us in for our listening exam. Damn, i thought they are going to cancel it. But it was quite easy though...duh

Monday, October 12, 2009

Newspaper Quiz Competition

Today i participated in the final round of the newspaper quiz competition @ K-Web..

In the 1st round, 13 of the contestants had to answer 3 questions each and the top 3 will go into the final. Choose your questions from no. 1 - 39 and answer whatever question behind the number..

My 1st question, i picked no. 1. Surely they'll put the easiest questions in front right? Wrong. Who was the terrorist who got released by some North American government last week as and exchange....blablabla? I was like, huh?wth??! Then, they gave me 3 Arabian names and stared at me as if they are asking me about my hobbies. I stared back at Justin (the emcee), searching for any tip on his face or his eyes (or his eyebrows lol), but he just grinned back at me. (Remind me to give him one in his face later..) Anyway, at the 9th second(we were given 10 sec) i simply shout out the only "pronoucable"Arabian name in the list: Amir Sharif(or something like that). And Justin replied: Awww, that's incorrect.= =

Can't recall my 2nd question; it was something about a company's policies on investment...or something like that.zzzzzzzz

Other questions picked by other contestants were also quite tough, e.g.
Who's the Portugese footballer who injured himself in the World Cup Qualifying Rounds?

a) Cristiano Ronaldo

b) Roger Federer

c) Del Potro
Yeah, quite tough right? How un-LUCKY to get these kind of questions...

Another one:
Which part of Indonesia suffered huge damages during the Earthquake?
a) Jakarta

b) Padang

c) Jawa

Wow, another hard one....= =

Anyway, watched the final of finals on the audience seat until 3.30pm and went a consolation prize of a Taylor's aluminium water bottle and a RM50 MPH voucher, better than nothing...btw gratz to Kok Guan, my friend from group 2.2 who got 1st place. =D
As a conclusion, Taylor's should organize these exciting activities every year to inculcate newpaper reading hobbies in students. = =

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pathetic Attendance

19 students attented this week's BCP Lecture. Cool huh?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls and Brains.

Girls've got big brains coz they think too much. Complicated, emotionful creatures...